Bernie City Pond


Bernie residents have access to a 10-acre stocked fishing pond that is open year round.  It is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon !!!! 

  Fishing permits for the pond may be bought at the Bernie Police Department.  Resident permits are $5.00 for one year.  Visitors may buy a 2-day permit for $2.00, but must be fishing with a Bernie resident who has a permit.



Per City Ordinance, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed at the City Pond at all times:


1.  No boats or other water craft shall be allowed in the lakes.

2.  No Wading or swimming is permitted in the lakes.

3.  Fishing shall only be by hand lines.  No traps, trot lines, or other methods shall be permitted.  No feeding or baiting of fish is permitted.

4.  No person shall clean fish at the lakes.

5.  Parking is limited to marked areas only.

6.  No person shall discharge a firearm at the lakes or at any of the adjoining property subject to the jurisdiction to the City of Bernie.

7.  No person shall park or operate a motor vehicle such that it blocks or impedes traffic in the driveway or roads.

8.  Operating a motor vehicle on the levee is prohibited.

9.  The south lake shall be open for fishing from fifteen minutes prior to daylight to fifteen minutes after sunset each day.

10.  No person shall fish in the north lake at any time.

11.  No person shall fish in the south lake unless that person has obtained a permit from the City of Bernie (or is otherwise exempt) as follows: (1) Residents of the City of Bernie 12 years of age or under do not require a permit.  (2) Residents 65 years of age or older do not require a permit.  (3) Disabled veterans do not require a permit.

12.  No person shall take more than the following number of fish during any day nor shall any person have in their possession more than the following number of fish at any time:  Bass-4   Channel Catfish-4   Perch-No limit.

13.  No person shall keep or possess a bass or a channel catfish less than fifteen inches in length.

14.  Any City of Bernie police officer or maintenance department employee has the right to inspect the permit of any person at the Bernie fishing lakes or the adjacent property subject to the jurisdiction of the city of Bernie.  Any City police officer or City maintenance employee shall have the right to inspect the fish in the possession of any person. 

15.  Any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance may be fined up to $500.00 for each separate violation.