Bernie Housing Authority

(573) 293-5798

The Housing Authority of the City of Bernie was established in 1968 with the building of 36 apartments.  In 1980, twenty-four more apartments were built.  The Housing Authority's purpose is to provide safe, decent, and low income housing for individuals and families.

The Board of Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor.  The commissioners are:  Robert (Bob) Johnson, Tom Hobgood, Harold Stafford, Doyle Burch and Ron Miller.  

The Commissioners hired Carol Lindley as Executive Director, and Elaine Biggs and Judith Waters for maintenance and to manage the day to day operations of the Housing Authority.

The Housing Authority continues to maintain and upgrade the apartments to provide quality housing.


Carrol Lindley, Director

Elaine Biggs, Maintenance

Judith Waters, Maintenance



     Various views of the apartments in the Housing complex

The Community Center located in the middle of Bernie Housing is available for rent.  It is just the right size for birthday parties and reunions.  It is also where the Adult GED classes are held.  For more information on rentals or classes contact Carrol at the Housing Office.