Vietnam Remembered...


August 4, 2008

Local Artist, Bobby Whitehead, has been working on a new mural this past week.  His portrayal of the Vietnam war can be found on the side of the old Western Auto building at the corner of Main and Stewart Street.  Check in for updates and a final picture of Bobby's work.  A collection of other murals Bobby has painted in Bernie can be seen through the business link.  We are very proud of Bobby and appreciate his contributions to the beautification of Bernie.



August 6, 2008

Bobby continues to make progress on his mural


August 8, 2008

Bobby plans on having his mural finished within the next couple of days.

He has a lot to be proud of.  Check in for pictures of his completed work.



August 12, 2008

Bobby has completed his mural depicting scenes from the Vietnam War.  Below are some pictures of his final version, pictures of Bobby, and pictures of Mike Fritts, who funded the project.  Congratulations to Bobby, and good luck in his mural receiving recognition in the Stars & Stripes Museum and other media circulations.