Though a lot of commercial establishments invest in waterproof and durable roofing material, several business owners forget to invest in the right roofing insulation. However, is roofing insulation really that important for your commercial establishment? The short answer is yes.  

To help you understand its importance, here are several benefits that you can get if you install proper roof insulation to your property. 

Prevent Mold Growth 

In a commercial establishment, you need to have climate control. However, this climate control creates a lot of moisture inside. Humid air can become trapped under your roof, whether you’ve got cooling or heating system. These moisture condensates on the interior framework if you don’t have proper insulation. This will give refuge to the growth of unwanted mold. Insulation protects your property against molds and will protect your air quality and your building.  

Enhance Fire Safety 

Fire is one of the worst-case scenarios you can imagine in any type of property, whether it is residential or commercial. Fortunately, proper insulation can protect your roof material from burning in the unfortunate event of a fire. All you’ve got to do is ensure that the insulation material is fire-resistant. This will easily add an extra layer of protection to your commercial property. 

Lower Utility Bills 

Trapping cool or warm air in your establishment is the main goal of insulation. Insulation will lower your energy consumption of any units, whether you are using your furnace in the winter or your air conditioner in the summer. In addition to that, it also offers you a comfortably controlled interior temperature.  

Your furnace can particularly benefit from the right roof insulation since hot air rises. Professionals usually measure insulation in R values. According to them, the recommended R-value of roof insulation is around R-20 up to R-50. However, this will vary on the climate of your location and other aspects. To know the recommended R-value of your commercial establishment, you can contact a professional roofing company.  

Insulate Your Building Now 

If your building has no proper roof insulation as of now, you should not worry too much. It is never too late. To learn about your insulation options, you can contact a professional Castle Rock roof repair company. They can also look for a solution that works for you. You will certainly love an expert installation team that could recognize your insulation needs and help you enjoy energy-efficient systems that could save you a lot of cash, whether you are solely focusing on new insulation, renovating your interior, or replacing your roof.  

There is 2 basic type of roof insulation. The first one is the warm insulation. It is placed directly under your roof. It will lower heat losses. Thus, your house will not become excessively cold in winter and hot in summer.  

The next type is cold insulation. This is probably the most affordable option. It is installed between and over the wooden joists. However, unlike warm insulation, this type of insulation only prevents heat from escaping your property.