A brown, dead patch in a lush lawn isn’t only unpleasant to see but it could be an indication of a bigger problem as well. Below are some typical causes why you are probably noticing dead patches in your lawn and the great means of treating them: 


Indications of the fungal disease include light-colored webbing and uneven patches in your lawn. This could happen for several reasons such as lack of sunlight, bad air circulation, and severe wet weather or conditions. 


If the case is extreme, you can apply a fungicide. Though the problem might be treated by itself with drier weather and increased keep up. 


This could be too harmful to your lawn. And since they spread on the roots, a grass that’s infected with grubs would feel spongy or easily lift away in the infested part. Usually, grubs can be found during early summer and spring because the soil is overly saturated. 


Rake the portion to get rid of dead grass and to clear the place to be treated. Then, apply an insecticide to the affected portion of your lawn and water it well. While it’s still wet, you must prevent others from coming near to it. The moment it’s dry you can resod or seed the bare patches. 

Chinch bugs 

Frequently, chinch bugs are mixed up with lawns that undergo drought. This damage would begin with yellow grass, which eventually turns to color brown and dies. While the grass dies, this type of bug will go to the areas near the dead grass, which causes dead grass patches to spread outward. 


Rake the place to eliminate overgrowth and thatch. You can use insecticide that’s specifically made to fight Chinch bugs to your whole lawn, and not only to the affected place. The moment it’s dry, you can resod or seed the bare patch.  


Gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical types could instantly kill your lawn. Observe if there’s any brown patch having the same shape of the spilled chemical in your lawn. 


After the spill happens, you need to thoroughly water the area. 


Cats or dogs that usually urinate in a similar spot could cause dead spots from time to time because their urine has a high dose of nitrogen. 


Teach your pet to urinate in a non-grassy place or of your house. Thoroughly water the spots as soon as you utilize it as a preventative extent. 

Foreign object 

Garden hoses, swimming pools, toys, and more objects could embark on a dead spot after you remove them. 


In several cases, the grass will be back to normal after being exposed to water, air, and sunlight. 

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