You can upgrade your painting job by following the simple tips below for a quick and clean outcome. 

Expedite a paint job 

You can expedite your paint jobs in your home by combining a gallon of flat latex paint into a quart of semi-gloss one. With this combination, the paint would cover much more effortlessly and glide on.  

Painting steps 

As you paint steps, you need to paint each one step while working your way down. Once those turn dry, you can return and paint the others. With this, you can utilize the stairs as you dry your paint. You just have to be very careful to not touch the wet step. 


As you paint, rather than smearing the brush on the container, you can tap it either side instead. This enables extra paint to fade while still separating the brushes evenly coated. 

Raise your painting 

If you want to paint a small item on a table, you can make it easier to paint by sticking a few pushpins into the object’s bottom to raise it off the table. Also, the air could flow around it while it dries. After painting, you can just get rid of the pushpins and appreciate your paint job. 

Remove excess paint differently 

Wrapping rubber band all over your open paint can from bottom to top is one way to make a neater painting job. The rubber band will help to course over the can’s opening. Also, you could utilize it to wipe the extra paint from your brush rather than utilizing the can’s edge. As soon as you finish your paint job, wrap the band throughout the paint container at the same level of the remaining paint inside. By doing so, you won’t need to open it anymore just to determine how much paint remains.  

Movable painting seat 

You have been doing a paint job for baseboards for several hours, thanks to continuous moving around and bending over. You can make painting a lot easier on your back and, especially, yourself by borrowing the skateboard of your kid. A skateboard can make a great movable bench. 

Push down bumpy paint 

You don’t have to worry if there’s a lumpy paint. Utilize the paint container’s lid that will serve as a stencil to trim a circle out of a screen, which would perfectly fit in the can. Strain out with a stir stick to the extent that it will move for the lumps to be afar at the bottom. 

Those are only some of the most helpful tips to bear in mind if you want to perfect the art of DIY painting. Follow those techniques and you will definitely see changes when it comes to your painting results and your posture as you paint. But, if you don’t have enough spare time to do all the painting jobs on your own, you can always contact a professional handyman Denver. Visit our website to determine what services will work for you. Contact us if you have inquiries.